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Carlos Reynoso

Works with schools, businesses, organizations, and brands.





of working with us


Human Connections

We strongly believe that no software will ever beat a simple conversation. Connect with an expert not a website.


E-commerce Capabilities

Our innovative e-commerce platform is at the heart of our business. It allows us to offer a new buying experience to all customers as-well as a sales tool for our clients.


Variety of Impressions

The Printshop Network we have created combines the strenghts of our most trusted print partners to offer a library of inks, threads, and impression methods never before seen. Our team is like a middle-man that chooses which printshop to use depending on the project.


Community Driven

We are a community of local artists/designer, industry experts, and nationwide printshops pushing the industry to a more collaborative future.


Jane Cooper

Medical Assistant

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Cameron Williamson

Marketing Coordinator

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Wade Warren

President of Sales

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Leslie Alexander

CEO, Divi

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Esther Howard

CEO, Slack

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Brooklyn Simmons

Marketing Coordinator

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